Anonymous asked:

31(.)media(.)tumblr(.)com/5b6c56528ce85545406d9c5d8e0b4a44/tumblr_inline_n97aodzbGK1r7dl4z(.)gif and cdn2(.)gossipcenter(.)com/sites/default/files/imagecache/story_header/photos/woodley-sundance-012114sp(.)jpg isn't that the same hoodie?

nude-nightingale answered:

Omg! So close, anon! SO CLOSE! 


  • I thought they were the same at first. They do have a lot of similarities, BUT! Theo’s hoodie has pockets, while Shai’s doesn’t.
  • The drawcords on Theo’s hoodie seems thicker than Shai’s, including having shorter aglets. 
  • Theo’s hoodie is also a bit longer. It has more folds around his waist, while Shai only has one small fold on her waist. 
  • Last but not least, they both have different colors.

But despite of the unfortunate result, great job on this discovery, Sheo Holmes! But yet again, so close!


Anonymous asked:

wait wait wait. so when shai and theo are flirting the living jesus out of each other and glancing sneakily and smiling, ruth is just casually sitting there watching like most of the time. So that's a.) Pretty fucking creepy and b.) She is either uber committed or just dating him for the abs

jen7waters answered:

i just saw this on the tag, so yeah…





im going to hell for laughing so hard at this



I try to remain objective on anything Ruth and I have no hate for her in any way, but…
This is freaking hilarious!!!



Shai and Theo’s Zipline Rehearsal for Jimmy Kimmel Live.



Anon asked me yesterday:

Is there a BTS video of theo sayin hey to shai then making the kissing noises. And they put their arms around each other and I think theo was gonna lift her up ?”

Yes, anon. Yes there is.

And then he freaking hugs her!


theojames-sheo asked:

Hii girll I needed to talk to someone:) omfg this sheo days are killing the fandom! Comic con was so perfect and... Yeah we got Ruth there and then the whole fandom start fighting 'the ones who support Theo's relationship and the ones who don't' and wow and then the ones who think sheo will never happen bc they lost hope and this is really stressing. But anyway I literally will GO DOWN WITH THIS SHIP till the end.

koteandsmolder answered:

Same here babe. I’m just like i said before. I’m done trying to convince people unless they ask for some help. But seriously Ruth has always been in the picture. Just because we saw her in two pictures does not mean she’s a threat or any bigger of a problem. She’s always been there. Did that stop theo from being a flirt? NO of course not. So I don’t see why some people are stopping and jumping ships. She did Go in the booth but he wasn’t any closer to her instead he was closer to shai. And she looked a little tired perhaps even sad. (Poor bby) but he was just the protective man he has always been with her like he said in comic con last year.
I will go down with this ship. There’s a lot of time left for anything to happen. I mean Jlaw and Hoult broke up at the end of mockingjay. So can theo. I don’t wish anything against Ruth but you are either a masochist for dealing with all this an your bf, or don’t know when to quit. Obviously theo isn’t doing anything to stop his feelings for shai. And she’s being patient and we should be too.
I also noticed she looked a little off yesterday maybe it was because of Ruth’s presence. Idk. Anyway THeo was very comforting of her. We are not the ones playing this game theo and shai are. We just believe in what we see. And we see sheo so we ship it.
And I believe in them even more after seeing those pictures. They’re as strong as ever.
So I will sail on. And any “pansy cakes” who want to build holes in my ship. Will have to try harder than telling me that sheo isn’t real. Cause I believe in what I see and I See sheo.
End of story.
Thanks babe. 😘😘
Whenever you need to talk just come here. Okay? Okay.


Anonymous asked:

I wonder what sheo did the time they got lost in the heart of Italy. And i wonder what happened w sheo when theo said I would tell you but we'd be in jail. What'd they do lol

snowy-sheo-lover answered:

We know each other quite well now, and it’s a very easy relationship. We had some tough moments during filming, and we made sure we were there for each other. I have a lot of fun with Shai too. We recently did a photo shoot in Europe and, afterward, we went to a dinner, hiked around town and got lost. We were stuck in some random Italian village and couldn’t get home! — Theo James 

And about the second part.. I’d die to know lol

You can watch this interview HERE ^^ (skip to 5:35)