124syd: On some days I wake up with such optimism that Sheo is real. That if they are not together now, then they most certainly will be in the future. There is something genuine between them that goes deeper than chemistry or physical attraction. Other days I understand why it would be difficult for Theo to end a long-term relationship. He and Ruth might have even discussed marriage after dating five years. What do you think?

I think, that no matter what happens (or doesn’t happen) between them, whether there is romance or not, they will always have a connection. The type of chemistry that they have isn’t something that they can just drop once the filming of the franchise is complete. 
Obviously, they will have connections with other people throughout their lives, maybe more so than with each other, but it is their right to keep that private.
I personally hope that they find that they want to end up together, because they seem to be perfect for each other, and have an adorable story to boot.
But if they decide to end up with other people, what I think will not matter, and I will wholeheartedly respect their choices of how they live their lives.
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Anonymous: hi! I love your blog and I was just wondering do you have/or know where that video from the Atlantic premiere is?I know that Theo pointed at Shailene and called her gorgeous (even though that had nothing to do with what they were talking about hehe)

Hey friend! fuckyeahdamose did a lovely post with the video that you can view HERE! (I think that you can find the “gorgeous” bit after about 7:20 if you’re interested!)

Also, if you’d like to see more Atlanta-related Sheo, you can check out the tag HERE!

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space-soul: Hi, sorry for my english but I have to share sth with you. I had blog on tumblr some time ago and after 2 years I thought that I grown up and it's not for me anymore. I couldn't be more wrong. I watched divergent and I thought I can't be alone in this crazy shipping, so I looked to the internet aaand here we are! I can't escape from my tumblr nature! I am true tumblr girl: I ship every couple I saw on the screen of my computer and I love beautiful people! Thanks for reminds me of that things!

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Anonymous: Post a photo of all your divergent stuff

Well, hello there, straight-to-the-point and slightly vague Anon.

If you are talking about physical items, like fan swag, etc. I really only have the 3 books, and for me that is plenty. I am honestly more of a book person than a fandom person, but I like to be a part of the tumblr community, with my lovely Sheo friends all the same. :)