Anonymous asked:

do you know the link of the video where neil burger said this kinda thing "it's the name of four and tris' baby?"

its-a-sheo-thing answered:

Omg, I wasn’t aware that it was a thing!!!! I’ve never heard Neil say that I don’t think… Is there a gifset of that??? If so, could someone please submit it to me?!?!
Sorry I can’t be more helpful, Anon! :/
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I’ve seen a clip of it in fan made videos so it’s definitely real, but I’m also looking for the full video too! I’d love to see it! All I know was that it was during Comic Con 2013.

Good to know!!

ETA: fuckyeahdamose just submitted this lovely link for all of us!

Here is the video about Tris and Four’s baby . How clueless and happy is Shai in the end of the video - not knowing, that her character is about be killed off…

Tris & Four’s baby, Allegiant (Video) ”