Shai: she signed my boobs and i signed her boobs
Theo: how the hell did i miss this? … Did that really happen?
Nick: There are pictures that I can share with you
Theo: Could you email that to me?
Theo James everybody.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this interview……the part where Shailene admits to meeting his family and Theo says…..probably overkill. ; )  I am sure they adore her.

I mean, it should be fun in a way, because you know, it’s not, ‘Oh God, I kissed Shai, Jesus! a beautiful woman, that would be terrible!’ (laughs) But, it was an important scene for us, because again, not getting too complex or deep about it, but we wanted to honour it in a way that felt romantic, and felt beautiful, but it wasn’t cheesy and didn’t fall into the trap of, ‘Oh, here we go. It’s that point in the movie, get his f**king shirt off and start kissing.’ So we did actually wrestle with it a bit, and nothing to do with us or the kissing per se, but because they only get together that one time, we wanted it to be good, obviously.
Q: Talk about the kiss scene a little bit. Was it just another day in the office for you or were you guys nervous? Describe it a little bit. (x)